Flex your muscles in a canoe on the Vézère River, winding your way through the beautiful landscape between sunflower fields, rocks and forests. And remember to watch out for roe deer, wild boars and rare birds along the river. In les Eyzies on your way to le Bugue a 10 min. drive from Marzac, you will find the place to rent canoes.

There are many inspiring walks in the area - for instance from the old village on the La Madelaine rock (opposite Marzac along the rock path), through the forest and down to les Eyzies. This walk takes five hours. The views are sensational, but remember your binoculars for closer up views of the river and Château Marzac with its lovely castle garden and dovecot. Ask the tourist office in les Eyzies for more information about walking areas. They will supply with maps.

Horseback riding
There are plenty of opportunities for horseback riding in the area. Ask the tourist office in les Eyzies for information about itineraries. Also see

You can hire mountain bikes many places.  Marzac owns some bikes for you to rent. The winding roads are an exciting challenge for anyone - even for Tour de France riders on the occasions when the Tour has taken them through the area.

You can go fishing in the river Vézère that runs right through the fields round the château, and enjoy long and peaceful walks starting from the estate.
Trout and pike fishing is permitted in the Vézère River in the Marzac area and in other nearby spots. There is an angling house by the river across from the house: Angle, where you can get a shelter and enjoy your picnic while you are waiting for the fish to bite. You can buy a fishing certificate in the Tabac in les Eyzies.

Ball games
In the Marzac area you can play football and badminton (equipment can be borrowed at the office).

Tennis Lez Eyzies contact tlph. +33 0 553 352 289  Anne  Marie  7 € per hour - 3 courses total - you find the courses close to hotel Glisine

     Domme tennisclub: Croix Pres - teleph. 0553283592

  • Perigueux tennis club: C.A.P. R. Alphée Maziéras - teleph. 0553533592
  • Saint Cyprien tennis club de Recolat - teleph. 0553292946
  • Sarlat tennis club: 12 R. combe de Rieux - teleph. 0553594423.


  • Golf de l'Olivarie 24170 Siorac en Perigord teleph: 05 533 302 269. 18 km from Marzac.
  • green fee 9 holes: 37€  - 18 holes: 53€
  • Golf d'Aubazine 19190 Aubazine Brire/Beynat teleph: 05 55272566 99 km. from Marzac.
  • Golf du Château les Merles Tuilerie 24520 Mouieydier teleph: 05 53631342 close to Bergerac 67 km from Marzac.
  • Golf de Perigueux Domaine de Saltgourde 24430 Marsac sur Risle teleph: 05 53530235 51 km. from Marzac.
  • Golf du domaine de Rochebois Route de Montfort Vitrac 24200 Sarlat la Caneda teleph: 05 53315752 29 km. from Marzac.
  • Golf de la Marterie Martemart 24260 Saint Felix de Reillac teleph: 05 53056100 15 km. from Marzac.
  • Château des Vigiers Golf Club 24240 Monstier Bergerac teleph: 05 53615033. 75 km. from Marzac.
  • Golf de la Forge. Route de Belves La Rouquette 24170 Siorac-Pèrigord teleph: 05 53319975. 22 km. from Marzac.


There are natural playgrounds and many activities for children in Dordogne. You can even learn the ancient art of painting cave paintings in the surrounding villages. Ask the tourist office for more information.


Street markets are very popular in France. This is where people meet over a café crème or a pastisse, pass the time of day and buy fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. There is a book in your villa that will tell you which towns have markets on certain days. We recommend the market in Sarlat on Saturdays and in St. Cyprien on Sundays.


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